Intertested in owning your own domain like and have us host it on the Internet for you? Or, how would you like to transfer your domain name registration to us and/or have us host your site to save money or improve quality?

What is Involved?

There are two components to domain name ownership and presence on the Internet. First, you must register a unique name with a .com, .net, .org, or any other extension to "but" that name. At this point, you are the owner of that website address and are free it get it on the Internet any way you want. Secondly, you need to get the website operating on the Internet. We offer hosting services at affordable rates to give your site Internet presence. The registration is renewalable annually just like license plates for your car. Typically, the hosting services are charged monthly and you can use any hosting company you want. You can move your website to a different hosting company if you don't like the service you get and still retain ownership of the domain name. Moving to another hosting firm doesn't change the names or operation of your website was the move is completed.

What Can I do with My Own Domain?

Of course, the biggest reason to owning a domain is to deliver information for others to view worldwide. You can store info that people need or want to know about you. You can also make the content private so only those you give the link to can access the information. This is great for putting things on your website like your resume, directions to your house, and photos you want to share with family and friends. Another big advantage to having your own domain is that you can set up a number of emails for business associates or family members for your domain name like These email addresses can last as long as you maintain your ownership of the name so you aren't subject to the email address changing when the company providing the email changes like many have in the past. Just recently AT&T changed the domain for their clients from to to and finally to in a short window of time.