The term "unicus" is latin for unique. This is the best moniker for what we are all about; we provide unique products and consulting services. As a solution integrator, we work with Engineering, R&D, Technical Support, IT, and Training organizations to help companies obtain, implement, and effectively use technologies for corporate asset management and other competitive advantages.

We help with corporate asset management (CAM). The term CAM means different things to different people. If corporate assets for a company are the talented people, financial investments and assets, technology, information, and the availability of these resources, then CAM is the utilization and protection of these assets. Our focus is to help you create soultions that utilize and protect your technology, information, and availability of these corporate assets.

We can consult with your staff about software development, project management, and more. We offer information management services and training services. Management education is a specialty of ours so your staff can learn the latest techniques and together as a team create competitive advantages.